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Special Tour Announcement from George Lopez



Hip Kitty Thanks Armed Forces Entertainment


Sea Gal Zoë 

We hear you enjoy cooking, what is your all-time favorite
dish to make? If you had your own cooking show, what
would you call it?

My favorite dish would have to be spaghetti bolognese and freshly tossed greens with homemade caesar dressing. It is super easy to make, hearty and such a comfort food. Also, if I had a cooking show it would be called “Family Meals with Zoë: Reinventing Simple Options.”

What is one thing you would like to tell people about being a Seattle Sea Gal?

Being a Sea Gal completely transforms your life. It is a privilege, honor and serious time commitment. It is a contract, which reinforces one’s worldview, causing you to be extremely critical and honest with yourself. It pushes you towards limits, only breaking them down to create new ones—building an individual that never finds a goal too high to reach for. It is a competitive environment that tests your strengths and character. But also, it is a sisterhood to learn and grow from each other’s unique talents and gifts.

What advice would you give to girls who are aspiring NFL cheerleaders?

Confidence makes all the difference, when you believe in yourself others will too. And…have fun! Remember why you love to dance. If you can perform thinking of this it will come from your heart and people will notice the difference trust me.

What country are you looking forward to visiting the most on this upcoming tour and why?

I have a rare fascination for cathedrals, temples, churches, and synagogues—basically all buildings provided for worship. There are so many religious and historical places in Germany, which makes me most excited to visit it!

Do you have any personal military connections?

Yes, my grandfather was a part of the US Navy. I have one cousin that is currently in the Army and another in the Air Force.

Sea Gal Ashley

What has been your most memorable experience during your time as a Sea Gal?

My most memorable experience has to be the parade held in Seattle after winning the Super Bowl last year. People were literally everywhere. Seeing that amount of people makes you realize it’s bigger than football. It’s about bringing together an entire community.

When you’re not busy being a Seal Gal what do you like doing for fun?

When I have some down time from Sea Gals, I like to spend time with my dog, Edith. I also have two younger brothers who I try to visit when I have the chance. They keep me active by hiking and playing sports with me. Reading is another activity I enjoy. I could read all day long if I had the time.

What are you looking forward to most about touring with Armed Forces Entertainment?

I have never been overseas so I am excited for all the new experiences I’ll be sharing with my teammates. But I am most looking forward to spending time with and getting to know our heroes in the armed forces.

How does being a Sea Gal affect other parts of your life? Family? Traveling schedule?

Sea Gals is definitely more of a time commitment than people expect. However, my parents and brothers have always been huge Seahawks fans and they attend every game so it has been a way for us to bond. We get breaks here and there for traveling. I can say, though, I have never travelled to as many places in my life as I have over these past two years of being on the team.

Does the discipline you have from dancing/cheerleading transfer over to other parts of your life?

Being a part of Sea Gals has helped me to develop so many skills that I would not have gained otherwise. A big portion of what we do involves going out to various promotional appearances and working with different types of people. I don’t always know what to expect at these and have learned that it is important to adapt and roll with any situation I’m put in. I’m a shy and reserved person by nature. Sea Gals has helped me to be more confident in my ability to effectively communicate; whether that be talking face-to-face or speaking in front of a crowd.

The GIs of Comedy Thank Armed Forces Entertainment


Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Kristan
Shares Her Experience About Her Recent
Armed Forces Entertainment Tour


read blog post here


Six-year Tennessee Titans Cheerleader who will be joining us on the Guam Super Bowl Tour

You're heading to Guam on our Super Bowl Tour. What are you looking forward to?

The warm weather!!! Plus, I'm really excited to visit a place I probably would never have the opportunity to visit otherwise.

As a Holistic Coach, we're sure you're packing list
includes a few items most people would not think to
bring. What are some "must haves" you're planning
to take on your trip?

Traveling in general is harder for those that are health conscious. While I'm excited to try new foods that are local to the area, I've also packed lots of my normal snacks to give me options when real whole foods aren't on the menu. The food corner of my suitcase includes: raw nuts, seaweed snacks, green tea, kale chips, buffalo jerky, and a dark chocolate bar (yes, dark chocolate can be good for you). More than anything else, my absolute must have would be my essential oils. They address everything from my beauty regiment to natural medicine, and I never leave home without them.

Congratulations on being a former Pro Bowl Cheerleader! Can you share with us a moment that still stands out to you.

That's easy, while the whole week was amazing the moment that stands out the most is right before we took the field for half-time. The Goo Goo Dolls were performing and a large group of young girls were on the field dancing to Notbroken as we lined up. As we waited to take the field, I was suddenly overwhelmed with the realization that I'm actually here. I looked around and took in all the people, all the new friends I had made, and I listened to the words of the song. I felt like someone was whispering in my ear "this is just the beginning." It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

We hear you have fostered dogs. What made you want to foster and are there any lessons from those experiences that you've carried into other areas of your life?

What fond memories. Well, mostly fond memories, our first dog did chew up the cord to my straightener, but then again I balled like a baby when I had to take her to adoption day that week.

When my husband and I first got married it was really important for us to give back; however we didn't have a lot of extra money. We did have a home and extra love to give, so fostering was our way to contribute to something greater than ourselves.

I didn't realize the magnitude of what we did that year until a few years later when I met a lady walking her dog in my best friends neighborhood. She was an older women and my friend said she walked the dog everyday. It turns out it was one of the dogs we fostered. By keeping that one dog for a week we saved it from being put to sleep and gave someone a companion in life.

Having been a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader for six seasons, you've met many fans. What makes Tennessee Titans fans the best in the league in your opinion?

Even though I've been cheering for six seasons, I took three years off during that time. What's so amazing to me is I still see fans at games and in the community that have continued to be loyal to our team since my first season in 2006. Win or lose, hot or cold they are happy to be there and you form a relationship with them because you both know cheering for the Titans is more that just a Sunday event - it's a community, it's a family.

A behind-the-scenes look at Vertical Horizon's visit to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam


WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014

WWE's R-Truth, Alicia Fox, Big Show, Summer Rae and
Vince McMahon recently traveled to Southwest Asia for
their annual Tribute to the Troops tour.
See the photos here!


A special Veterans Day message from the GIs of Comedy and Armed Force Entertainment


Trey Songz Tour Recap


George Wallace's Special Message about
his Upcoming Armed Forces Entertainment Tour


Special message from Trey Songz



Performance Schedule:
10/4- KadenaAirBase
10/5- Kinser Festival (MCCS Okinawa Entertainment)
10/7- Misawa Air Base
10/8- AFN Yokosuka
10/9- Yokota Air Base, Japan
10/10- MCCS Iwakuni
10/12- Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo Japan

Hot Chelle Rae Has a HUGE Announcement for
Armed Forces Entertainment!


Dan Clark

Motivational Speaker, Dan Clark wrote this blog about his recent Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. Take a look at what he had to say about his experiences.

click image to view blog

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down was a big hit on their recent tour stops in Japan and Hawaii! They performed at Kadena Air Base on June 28th & 29th and had over 9,000 people in attendance. On July 4th, they performed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii where more than 15,000 people came out to help them celebrate Independence Day.


click image to view photo album

National Mom Comedy

National Mom, Carole Montgomery is set to go on tour
and coming to a base near you! Check out this video
because your National Mom said so!



3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down is set to take the stage at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam's 4th of July Celebration. It's a show the band's Chris Henderson told Hawaii's Alternative station Star 101.9 the band has been looking forward to for months when he called into the Hudson and Scotty B morning show. Listen to the entire interview here!


Ayla Brown checks-in while on tour:

"If you want to see something completely incredible click on this video. Last night in Vicenza, Italy I asked if there was anyone who wanted to get up on stage with me to sing along to Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I didn't think anyone was up for it until this happened...check it out!"


Ayla Brown Band sings chorus of
Hero in Her Hometown at Souda Bay


3 Doors Down Packs The House
at AmericaFest at Kadena Air Base

3 Doors Down played two shows at Kadena Air Base as part of the free two-day AmericaFest event. Attendance was more than had been anticipated leaving leadership and Armed Forces Entertainment pleased to have provided such high-level caliber to troops.
Click here to see photos from the show!

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19 April - 5 May
Wordsmith and The Big Band Theory
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Veterans Of Comedy
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