George Wallace's Special Message about
his Upcoming Armed Forces Entertainment Tour


The Comedy of Champions at Lajes Field, Azores
while on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment


Special message from Trey Songz



Performance Schedule:
10/4- KadenaAirBase
10/5- Kinser Festival (MCCS Okinawa Entertainment)
10/7- Misawa Air Base
10/8- AFN Yokosuka
10/9- Yokota Air Base, Japan
10/10- MCCS Iwakuni
10/12- Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo Japan

Hot Chelle Rae Has a HUGE Announcement for
Armed Forces Entertainment!


Dan Clark

Motivational Speaker, Dan Clark wrote this blog about his recent Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. Take a look at what he had to say about his experiences.

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3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down was a big hit on their recent tour stops in Japan and Hawaii! They performed at Kadena Air Base on June 28th & 29th and had over 9,000 people in attendance. On July 4th, they performed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii where more than 15,000 people came out to help them celebrate Independence Day.


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National Mom Comedy

National Mom, Carole Montgomery is set to go on tour
and coming to a base near you! Check out this video
because your National Mom said so!



3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down is set to take the stage at JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam's 4th of July Celebration. It's a show the band's Chris Henderson told Hawaii's Alternative station Star 101.9 the band has been looking forward to for months when he called into the Hudson and Scotty B morning show. Listen to the entire interview here!


Ayla Brown checks-in while on tour:

"If you want to see something completely incredible click on this video. Last night in Vicenza, Italy I asked if there was anyone who wanted to get up on stage with me to sing along to Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I didn't think anyone was up for it until this happened...check it out!"


Ayla Brown Band sings chorus of
Hero in Her Hometown at Souda Bay


3 Doors Down Packs The House
at AmericaFest at Kadena Air Base

3 Doors Down played two shows at Kadena Air Base as part of the free two-day AmericaFest event. Attendance was more than had been anticipated leaving leadership and Armed Forces Entertainment pleased to have provided such high-level caliber to troops.
Click here to see photos from the show!


Mark Riccadonna’s NYC Comedy Tour Blog:

Mark Riccadonna and the NYC Comedy Tour crew have been on tour this past week with Armed Forces Entertainment visiting troops in Alaska and Hawaii. Mark has been taking time each day to document the tour through his blog. Here are some excerpts and photos that he’s posted so far.

Blog Diary #1: Eielson Air Base With Col. Jay- May 25, 2014
"Its so cool to find friends you can just walk and talk for hours and feel so comfortable. The colonel has a dinner planned before the show and skeet shooting before that!"

"We did a great show- The colonel introduced us and had a us do a Q&A after that was allot of fun! These guys are wonderful in Alaska!"

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Chuck The Hit Man Tour Album!

Chuck the Hit Man performed seven shows in Japan and Guam during a week in May. His trick shots and impressive skills had many in the audience wanting to join in on the fun. Check out this album for more of how Chuck The Hit Man kept everyone entertained!

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AND1 Live Streetball - Silk
Armed Forces Entertainment's Streetball Live tour makes its way to Japan to entertain troops from May 14 through May 22. And1 Live is the talented group on this tour. We caught up with Silk of the group and had a few questions for him.

What is one common misconception about streetball?

I think one of the most common misconceptions is that street basketball was never defined so everyone kind of has their own perceptions of what street basketball is and they think that some of the guys are just showmen but a lot of our players are true basketball players. People forget that we’re not just a part of a show but we really can play basketball.

What’s your all time favorite basketball movie?

Without a doubt “Above the Rim!” Hands down!

What can people expect to see at one of your shows?

They’re going to see a lot of energy, dunks, great ball handling, good passing, and overall just guys playing basketball in its truest form. We’re all about having fun but at the same time we like to compete!

What is your personal connection to the military?

I have a lot of friends and family member that were in the Navy and the Marines and both of my grandparents were in the Armed Services as well. My family connections to the military run deep so it means a lot to me to be able to put on a show and entertain our troops as a thank you for everything they do for us and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.

What is a basic streetball trick anyone can learn? Can you walk us through how to do it?

There’s a move called “1 ½” and its when you opponent/defender is in front of you while you’re dribbling and you turn yourself parallel to them then you throw the ball through their legs with your right hand and catch it on the other side.

AND1 Live Streetball - Werm
Armed Forces Entertainment's Streetball Live tour makes its way to Japan to entertain troops from May 14 through May 22. And1 Live is the talented group on this tour. We caught up with Werm of the group and had a few questions for him.

When did you first start having a passion for not only basketball, but also tricks/dunks?

I had the passion all my life but after high school when I learned them I really liked that style of basketball and got more into it and found I was really successful at it.

What’s your favorite trick shot and how often do you use it when playing?

My favorite trick shot is called “The Scoop.” I do it mostly every game, everywhere we go. I made it up myself just messing around in the gym with my teammates. I’m throwing the ball up on one side of the goal and catching it on the other side with one hand and it looks like I’m scooping the ball out of the air and slamming it.

What are you looking forward to most about touring with Armed Forces Entertainment?

I’m looking forward to different scenery, meeting new people and putting on a good show for the troops!

How does streetball affect other parts of your life? Family? Traveling schedule?

It’s always hard on the family part cause I’m away so much. We usually travel a couple months out of the year but it keeps me going. Also, the fact that we have such a big impact on kids and knowing that they look at us as role models makes being away a little easier.

How do you stay in shape to play the way you all do and perform the trick shots/dunks?

I run almost every morning and play basketball everyday to stay on top of my game. Also, dribbling and ball handling is a must everyday to stay sharp and to learn new tricks

Four Professional MMA Fighters Dedicate their
Time to Visit Troops in Honduras

The Western Hemisphere MMA tour visited Honduras last Saturday for their third stop during the five-day tour. Kyle Kingsbury, Mike Pierce, Dustin Poirier, and Nate Quarry are providing entertainment by demonstrating MMA techniques and combative instruction.
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Linda Vu's Women's Self Defense Tour

Linda Vu empowers ladies at RAF Mildenhall during one of her nine European self defense seminars.



Don Barnhart shares his view on "laughter as the best medicine" during his comedy tour with George Wallace
at Kunsan Air Base, Korea.



Comedian Don Barnhart Talks About
Upcoming Tour With George Wallace


WWE Tribute To The Troops Tour
Brings Lots of Smiles To SWA

WWE's Vince McMahon, The Big Show, R-Truth, Alicia Fox and Eva Marie spent five days in Southwest Asia towards the end of December during the WWE's 11th Annual Tribute To The Troops. Since 2003, WWE Tribute to the Troops tours have provided active duty soldiers with meet and greet, live entertainment, and multiple visits from celebrity wrestlers and divas. It looks like they had a great time and the soldiers enjoyed their holiday cheer as well!

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A Sneak Peak Of Linda Vu's Self Defense Tour
Heading to Europe in February!



Alicia Fox talks about WWE's Annual
Tribute To The Troops Tour to Southwest Asia.



R-Truth talks about WWE's Annual
Tribute To The Troops Tour to Southwest Asia.



Eva Marie talks about WWE's Annual
Tribute To The Troops Tour to Southwest Asia.



Big Show talks about WWE's Annual
Tribute To The Troops Tour to Southwest Asia.


Darryl Worley's Southwest Asia Tour

Darryl Worley just wrapped up his 11th tour with Armed Forces Entertainment, which he traveled to perform for many troops in Southwest Asia. His tour kicked off on November 23rd and went through December 1st. While on tour, Darryl was able to capture many memories, check them out here.

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Comedian George Wallace has a Message for You!

Here's a Special Video from LIT!

Rock band Lit will play the first of six shows in Japan this Saturday September 7th. To give you a little tease of what you'll hear in concert, enjoy this video for "Miss You Gone" from their recent album
View From the Bottom.

Tour Dates and Locations:

9/7 Iwakuni MCAS
9/11 Yokota AB
9/12 Yokosuka
9/13 Atsugi NAS
9/14 Camp Zama
9/15 Misawa AB

George Wallace talks to
Armed Forces Entertainment about Upcoming Tour

George Wallace will headline shows with opening act Don Barnhart in Japan from September 5th through the 8th. In this interview, George gives us a taste of what you can see at his show,
or as he likes to call it, his living room.

George Wallace Tour
Comedian George Wallace is counting down the days until he takes the stage in Japan during his Armed Forces Entertainment tour September 5th through the 8th. He's headlined The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas for over ten years, appeared on almost every morning, afternoon, and late night primetime show in the US, and calls some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry his friends. We recently caught up with George to learn what makes him the funny man he is.

With your headlining show in Vegas, you probably know all of the great places to eat that are off the beaten path. What do you recommend?

Without a doubt, this isn’t off the beaten path, there’s a place called Mon Ami Gabi that is in the Paris hotel. You can sit out on the street and watch the dancing waters over at the Bellagio.

You decided you wanted to be a comedian at the age of six. Do you remember the first joke you ever told and if so, can you share it with us?

The first joke I ever told was from a bubble gum wrapper from bazooka bubble gum wrapper. And that joke was, “How can you beat a 12-inch egg?” With an eggbeater. Now back in the day, that was funny. (Laughs) Now I’ve grown from that but at the time I thought that was so cute.

You yourself are a star, but surely you’ve been star stuck meeting someone. Who was that person?

Well I meet a lot of people. There’s a lady who used to be on a show called The Jeffersons. Her name was Marla Gibbs and her character name was Florence. People like that really throw me off and shock me. And one night I had in the audience William Shatner. And he came up afterwards and spent 30 minutes with me after the show. That blew me away. And of course, me meeting and hanging out with the President of the United States Barack Obama, that was fantastic. I’ll even throw in my best friend for 37 years Jerry Seinfeld. I was roommates with him for 13 years. He doesn’t really excite me, but he’s the best friend I have so I have to throw him some credit.

If you were a new comedian trying to make it big, which of the big competition shows out there would you
want to compete on?

Competition shows are great, but they’re not all straight forward. Most of it is rigged. But right now for comedians it’s mostly America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandell is a good friend. We’re both germaphobic.

We’re sure you’re constantly thinking of jokes, but is there a particular place in your house or any place in your regular routine that you seem to get the best ideas
for jokes?

It doesn’t matter where it is. It could be on an airplane. It could be at dinner, write it down on a napkin. I only work one hour a night but I’m constantly thinking. If I see something or somebody says something stupid, I’ve gotta write it down. Just like, last week somebody ran into the Flamingo and said “It’s raining outside.” And I said, “Well where else would it be raining?” People write my jokes for me. That’s like some kid came up to me in the airport and said he was so happy to meet me. Then he said, “What are you doing? Are you going somewhere?” I Just looked at him. I mean, I’m in the airport so obviously I’m going somewhere.

Lit To Light Up The Stages in Japan

Alternative Rock group Lit is set to tour Japan with six performances during their Armed Forces Entertainment tour. Shows start September 7th and conclude September 15th. The band has shared their 2001 "Something to Someone" video to get everything ready for a night of good music!

Tour Dates and Locations:

9/7 Iwakuni MCAS
9/11 Yokota AB
9/12 Yokosuka
9/13 Atsugi NAS
9/14 Camp Zama
9/15 Misawa AB

OneRepublic Experiences Life of Soldiers at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

Prior to their Armed Forces Entertainment performance in front of 23,300 people at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii July 4th, OneRepublic spent a day with soldiers from the 45th Sustainment Brigade and the Wounded Warrior Detachment. This video documents how they spent their day and their thoughts on the experience.

OneRepublic Breaks Records in Okinawa

OneRepublic broke 2013 attendance records at Camp Hansen, Okinawa during their performance on June 28th. The crowd started forming early and patiently waited for the rock band to take the stage. Some fans even had a chance to meet OneRepublic during a special meet and greet. Check out the photo albums below to see how much fun fans in Okinawa had. There's still a chance to see OneRepublic during their Armed Forces Entertainment tour. They perform at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii July 4th and are expecting a crowd of ten-thousand. You don't want to miss it!

Meet and Greet Photo Album


Pre-show Album


Concert Album


NFL Alumni Writes Touching Blog Before Armed Forces Entertainment Tour

Mike Karney is one of three NFL Alumni who are set to visit troops in Singapore, Diego Garcia, and Bahrain seven day Armed Forces Entertainment tour. To say Mike is looking forward to the tour is an understatement. Below is a blog entry he posted on his own website on Monday about his upcoming trip. Make sure to check out the tour schedule here to see when Mike, Robert Williams McQuarters II, and Tony Parrish will be in your area.

Military tour: An honor
Monday, June 24, 2013

Coming up this Friday, June, 28th, will be my second military tour in the past year. My first tour was back in September/October of 2012, consisting of 11 total days in three different Middle Eastern countries. Djibouti, Kuwait, and Bahrain, were all uniquely different but the same when it came to visiting with our troops of the Armed Forces. When this opportunity was presented to me, by the Armed Forces Entertainment by way of Pro Tour productions, I didn’t bat an eye and said “when do I leave”. For the longest time I have had a huge amount of respect for our military in all areas that it represents. Serving our country and fighting daily for our freedom is something I don’t take lightly, and I hold in the highest regard. Getting the chance to meet face to face, extend a hand to shake, a smile, a simple look in the eye and a “thank you” is the least I can do. Our courageous troops, for whatever their reasoning is to serve, have a certain type of courage that I know I could never measure up too. I could only hope to have what it takes to do what our troops do for us every single day.

Serving our country does run in both sides of my family. My mom’s dad served. My father’s dad served. My grandpa George Karney served the longest. I never had the privilege to meet Grandpa George who served for six years, and saw plenty of action. I heard bits and pieces growing up of how physically imposing, disciplined, and how tough he was. In the military he was a part of five major conflicts, one being “battle of the bulge”, back in WWII. He was in the 30th infantry regiment, 2nd battalion, with his focus being in Amphibious Warfare tactics. He was honorably discharged in 1945, and received a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle. I took that Purple Heart with me this past fall as a memento and way to pay my respects to a man whose sacrifice has never been forgotten. I am forever grateful to my Grandpa George and the many others who have served and continue to serve to keep our freedom and safety here at home. That being said, I am more pumped than ever even after visiting with over 3,000 troops at 13 different bases in the fall, to meet more of our troops and visit the other bases we will be attending on this tour to Singapore, Diego Garcia, and again in Bahrain. -MK

Current and former Armed Forces Entertainment staff. Brenda C. Gray
is second from the left on the
second row.

It is with sadness that we announce the loss of a valuable family member, Brenda C. Gray, whose contributions to the Armed Forces Entertainment mission spanned 18 years. Brenda will be remembered by all of us for her humor, kind spirit, and dedication. Her immeasurable efforts to the work that we do for those who serve will not be forgotten. Our thoughts are with her friends and family who cared for her dearly, as did we.

Comedians turn club into 'House of Laughs'

Comedians from the Armed Forces Entertainment Celebrity Comedy Tour brought laughs and excitement to station residents during their show, “Trippin’ with the Troops,” in the Club Iwakuni ballroom here, May 29, 2013.

full story

Don Barnhart's All-Star Comedy Tour Gets "RUFF"

Don Barhart's All-Star Comedy tour just wrapped up the second leg of their Armed Forces Entertainment tour. It's common for our entertainers to participate in some of the same training exercises as soldiers so they have a better idea of the hard work and sacrifices our armed forces go through during deployments. Check out of this video of Don himself experiencing some K9 training.

Comedians bring humor to soldiers at Gaziantep

Four comedians took a trip to Gaziantep, Turkey to visit U.S. Army soldiers manning Patriot Batteries to provide a nice distraction during the service members' deployment...

full story

Geschwister Weisheit
High Wire Tour

Armed Forces Entertainment is proud to welcome back the Weisheit family as they head to Italy, Germany and the UK to fascinate soldiers during the Geschwister Weisheit High Wire Tour. We got a chance to learn a little more about the family. Below are a few questions about their upcoming tour:

Geschwister Weisheit features three generations of performers, what's the best part of working with family and carrying on that tradition?

We are a family business working together for more than 100 years now. Working with family means a lot for us because we love to keep the tradition and carry on the work from our parents and grandparents. Our family is the highest value we have and that’s what we want to show to our audience. It is nearly impossible in any other job to work so close with family and to see your children grow up, the solidarity and the joy of working together is the greatest luck we have. Every single member enjoys the life and working together.

What's been your favorite AFE tour destination and why?

In 2012, we traveled to Ansbach and Grafenwöhr, Germany! All of the people we met were so nice and kind and the feeling we had to work for the US Army (AFE) was really great and that's why we are really looking forward to every single destination on our tour. It is a very special honor for us to work for you.

What’s special about performing for the troops?

The special thing for us is the fact that we have the possibility to bring back the joy and the fascination of our show to the soldiers and their families, to get them out of the usual everyday life and bring them some hours of happiness and to forget every other problem occurring in their lives.

You have spectacular aerial artistry in your shows including ropewalks, sway poles, pyramids and even a racecar. Anything you're working on currently for
      future shows?

We are always trying to establish ways to improve our show and to make it more interesting for the people. Our program is versatile and there is nearly nothing we don't show in our performance that’s why we are Europe’s greatest high wire troupe – no other group is as big and varied as we are!

What's a typical day of training?

Actually, we don't have typical training days in the winter, when we stay in our home we have a training hall where everybody trains his own part of the show or learns new performances. We also visit fitness clubs to stay fit and in form for the upcoming tours. For our tour in the summer, we practice on the original equipment depending on the time we have between our shows and the weather.

Billy Blanks and Gladiators Cuddle up with Furry Friend!

While on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment from the end of March through mid April, Billy Blanks and the American Gladiators found a furry friend they just couldn't get enough of. Meet Balad, one of the base motivators that we're making our unofficial Armed Forces Entertainment Mascot! From the looks of it, these athletes showed their softer side while cuddling with the little dog. Check out the pictures!

click photo to view album

James Lesure
Armed Forces Entertainment is proud to have three talented actors heading to Southwest Asia to meet soldiers during the Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour. James Lesure, currently starring on the hit TBS show Men At Work, sat down with Armed Forces Entertainment prior to the tour for a quick interview. Check it out below!

We see you attended the Air Force Academy, what’s your dream aircraft to fly?

I'm grateful for my experience at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School. I never dreamed of flying a plane. I recently watched the movie "Flight" and got queasy from the scenes shot in the cockpit.

What is your favorite military related film, TV, or cartoon character?

I have three military movies I like a lot... GLORY... SAVING PRIVATE RYAN... and STRIPES.

3) The new season of Men At Work is about to premiere and you should be spending your time promoting the show but instead, you decided to go on tour with Armed Forces Entertainment. Why was it important for you to take time to go on this tour?

I'm grateful for this opportunity to tell the men and women of the armed forces thank you. I'm glad I get to do it personally. I'm appreciative of the sacrifices and choices they're making to protect me and my loved ones.

4) Anything special you’d like to say to soldiers serving overseas?

I pray that they all will be protected by peace and lead by a universal supremely loving and divine positive strength and energy.

5) What’s one thing you NEVER leave home without that you’ll be taking on your Armed Forces Entertainment tour?

Clean underwear... accidents can happen. In the world and in ones britches... ain't nobody got time for that!

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