1. How do I apply to Armed Forces Entertainment?

Anyone interested in touring for our troops and family members overseas must apply online by uploading an electronic press kit, which includes the following items: biography, photographs, mp3s, video and corresponding background material.

2. How quickly will I know if I’ve/the group’s been accepted?

A letter informing the applicant of acceptance/non-acceptance will be e-mailed once the materials are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. If selected, the application will be placed on file for one year. If accepted, application information may be updated at any time during the 12-month period following the date of acceptance. An automated message will go out at the six-month mark to prompt any updates as well. Applications will remain active for one year. All applicants must re-apply annually to be considered for a tour. Please understand that acceptance into the Armed Forces Entertainment Program does not guarantee an opportunity to tour. Armed Forces Entertainment tours are based on Combatant Commander Requirements and Troop Preference Survey Data.

3. Where does Armed Forces Entertainment send tour groups/entertainers?

Armed Forces Entertainment supports six different regions: Western Hemisphere, Mediterranean, Europe and the Balkans, Southwest Asia and the Pacific. This equates to more than 350 military installations serving Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps members and their families.

4. What is the mission of Armed Forces Entertainment?

To provide live, quality, professional entertainment to troops and family members overseas, with priority to contingency, remote and isolated locations.

5. How often will I be able to tour with Armed Forces Entertainment?

Requirement for entertainers is driven by the supported commander’s needs. With that said, it is possible to have more than one tour in any fiscal year. However, entertainers are not authorized to tour in excess of 45 days per fiscal year.

6. If I’m selected to tour, what happens then?

The appropriate Circuit Manager and/or Regional Manager will contact you to determine your availability to support a specific entertainment request. If you are available, the Circuit Manager and/or Regional Manager will explain the tour details. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved, so prompt, efficient and effective communication between you and the designated individual is crucial.

7. Will I need a passport?

Yes, entertainer(s) must have personal passports.

8. What are the transportation arrangements?

Depending on the locations you’ll be touring, you may fly commercial or military airlift. Your designated point of contact will inform you of the mode of transportation. Once on the ground you may be transported by bus, train, trucks or automobiles. Circuit Managers, Regional Managers and site points of contact (POCs) will arrange transportation.

9. How are entertainers paid?

Armed Forces Entertainment provides an honorarium (stipend) per person/per day, to include departure and return days. Honorarium is provided to cover meals and incidentals while on tour and is provided in advance of the tour. Should your tour schedule change to add days, those additional honorariums will be reimbursed in the Final Pay Package Reconciliation. Should the tour schedule be shortened and tour dates are removed, the honorarium that was provided for those days must be returned to Armed Forces Entertainment.

10. Are there other expenses Armed Forces Entertainment reimburses?

Under certain conditions there are costs Armed Forces Entertainment will reimburse entertainers for: lodging, baggage tips, local travel costs (i.e. travel to/from the airport, tolls, short term parking), mileage to/from the airport, immunizations, postage (for documents mailed to Armed Forces Entertainment), passport and/or visa photos, and customs or country departure fees. Further details on the criteria for reimbursement are provided once a tour is confirmed.

11. Is lodging provided?

Designated country and site coordinators will arrange for lodging. When available, lodging on the military installation will be used. In some areas, you will be lodged off post. With valid receipts, Armed Forces Entertainment will reimburse hotel costs up to the amount authorized by the Joint Travel Regulations.

12. Are meals provided by the hosting installations?

You will be provided Invitational Travel Orders (ITOs), which may allow you access into military facilities, to include the installation dining facilities. Each individual is responsible for paying for his or her meals. The advance payment of the group’s stipend is intended to defray the cost of meals and lodging.

13. How is excess baggage/equipment handled?

When contracted to tour, Armed Forces Entertainment will calculate excess baggage costs based on the equipment list you submit. Your designated point of contact will advise you on the quantity and size of excess baggage you will be authorized. This does not include your authorized personal and carry-on luggage. Where applicable, tour groups will receive Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCOs) for equipment, which will be used at the airport upon check-in.

14. Does Armed Forces Entertainment provide personal and/or equipment insurance?

No. However, you are highly encouraged to purchase health and equipment insurance for the tour. If you become sick or injured while on tour, the military installation may provide emergency care. However, you may be responsible for payment of services rendered. Medical facilities treat life-threatening emergencies. We must be informed of entertainers with medical conditions which may require treatment while on tour.

If your equipment is damaged by the airlines, a claim must be submitted to the appropriate airline within 24 hours of the incident. Equipment claims for damage while on a military installation will be submitted to the local Claims Office. Your local point of contact should be able to assist with that information.

15. Can I sell CDs and other merchandise while on tour?

No. Armed Forces Entertainment tours are provided free of charge for troops and their family members.

16. What happens if we miss a flight due to illness or weather?

On occasion, entertainers do get sick or injured. Armed Forces Entertainment also is aware that weather plays a factor in air travel (especially during typhoon/hurricane season). You will have a list of Points of Contact for each area you are traveling to. Should an unplanned event occur, you should immediately contact the appropriate Site/Country or Regional Manager and inform them of your situation. Performances missed at no fault to you will not be decremented from your remaining honorarium. Flagrant disregard for the tour schedule and performance dates/start times will result in a reduction of payment and/or early termination of the tour. Changes in the tour schedule will be compensated by adjustments as needed.

17. How is the type of entertainment and tour locations determined?

Annually, Armed Forces Entertainment distributes, through official channels, a “call” for entertainment requests for the upcoming calendar year. Commanders project their requirements and submit their requests through their appropriate Site and/or Country Coordinator to the applicable Regional Manager. The Regional Manager along with a Circuit Manager will review, consolidate and prioritize the requests with priority to contingency and remote and isolated locations. Data from the Troop Preference Survey also will be used to determine the entertainment that is provided and to which sites.

18. How can I request entertainment for my location?

Contact your Commander and/or local Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) representative to make special requests. Your Commander and/or MWR office should consider all requests for inclusion in the annual Entertainment Plan. Please note: Armed Forces Entertainment attempts to fill as many requests from the Commands as possible, but there are a large quantity of requests received, and the limited funds Armed Forces Entertainment receives to operate the program prohibits Armed Forces Entertainment from fulfilling all requests.

19. Is there a minimum age limit requirement?

Yes, in order to tour for Armed Forces Entertainment all traveling members must be at least 18 years old.