Maynard Triplets

The Maynard Triplets grew up in Omaha Nebraska. The oldest in a family of 6 girls. Music was always a part of their lives, with both parents being huge Barry Manilow fans and both Missy and Mandy being named after two of his hit songs.

At age 3 the girls performed for their first time on stage at Omaha's Show Wagon which happened to be the same stage their mom also sang on as a teen. They would put on concerts in their basement almost every night for their family. It didn't take long for their parents to realize these girls had talent.

after doing numerous plays, country music festivals and even releasing a cd in their hometown called Take Three, the Maynards decided to try their luck on American Idol, where the panel liked their sound as a group but Simon called them "overweight Jessica Simpsons"!

Moments after their stint on Idol aired. The Triplets lives changed forever. They were almost immediatly flown to California where they walked red carpets and got their first taste of stardom. They were featured regularly on Extra and also appeared on Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, Good Day Live, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, and even in Star magazine and TV guide! Recently they met their idol, Barry Manilow, and he invited them to be an opening act for him in Vegas, which was a dream come true! They even met up with Simon Cowell who was very impressed with the way the girls handled his comments on Idol and expressed interest in working with them on a possible reality show.

It wasn't easy transitioning from Nebraska Life to L.A. The beginning stages of their move was documented for their reality show pilot with Fremantle media.

Mandy, Missy, and Erin have taken this last year as a time to find themselves and decide what they want to do with their music. "We have seen the best and the worst that this town has to offer and at times we have almost thrown in the towel." says Erin, "But in the end we have eachother and we know that no matter what happens, that will never change, and We just want to share that with the world through our music."

The girls recently drove across the country to Nashville Tennessee where they are now living. They are currently recording and having a great time in the Capitol of Country Music!

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