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Jason Lee McKinney Band

Jason Lee McKinney Band

Jason Lee McKinney is a two-time nationally signed recording artist, powerhouse vocalist, and songwriter. McKinney blends a snarling musical underbelly full of equal parts trained prowess and an almost out of control piss and vinegar attitude; soaring sing-along hook melodies, with lyrics that are raw and raucous, reflective and radiant; simultaneously weaving a narrative that is both uniquely his and everyman’s story.

Sacred, Southern, Soul, the triple EP release by the Jason Lee McKinney Band, is bound to leave you with a newfound sense of identity, comfort, and southern spunk.

International award-winning songwriter, Jason McKinney partners with Barry Strauser and Billy Wright once again for his fifth release to create the EPs’ vibrant character and musical excellence. Their dynamic partnership has earned the band a top 10 hit in Texas, an international Armed Forces tour later this year, and worldwide recognition. Together in this new project, they leave a collective signature on the songs that is unmistakable.





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